Monday, January 25, 2016


I have finally managed to write my second blog entry, since I started blogging this past summer.  I tell ya life gets busy sometimes, but it’s nice to have a few moments in your day where you can take a moment to sit at your computer and just write.
Well today’s topic that came to mind, quite literally while I was baking Banana Bread was comparison. I’m not sure why it came to mind, it really just popped in there, and then it got me thinking of all the times in my life where I had found myself comparing my life to another’s life.
Have you ever caught yourself doing that?
I use to be an obsessive comparer, I would compare in so many ways.
I would wish I was a great Mom like most of the moms I saw with their kids, or wishing I had lots of money, or a fancy house and a car, and be able to go on vacations whenever I felt like it. There was one person in particular that I would obsess over. Don’t ask me why, I suppose I felt not as good as that person or wasn’t even close to being as awesome as they were. Whatever I was doing, I was only self-defeating myself.

That is when I started a 21-Day Meditation Challenge. About halfway through I did this guided meditation, where I had to visualise the person that I obsessed over and imagine myself cutting a rope that connected me to that person. I could visualise the person fall from me, they were no longer a part of my thoughts and I no longer compared myself. It was an amazing experience and I felt INCREDIBLE!! I felt powerful, I felt lighter, I felt FREE!


I Instead was inspired to learn from others and that is amazing.  You learn something new everyday if you just watch and observe what people do. No judging and no comparing, just observing and taking with you something that really connects with you. It’s really quite fun.
I learned that when people often compare themselves to others, they are not realizing that they are only seeing the highlight Reel of the other person, they don’t know what else that person has gone through in their lives to get where they are today, and instead of comparing be GRATEFUL for that person, be happy for them that they are living life to the fullest!!! That they are ROCKING on!! Now doesn’t that feel much better? Once you change your perspective in that way, you will quite literally see your life change in a positive way. Knowledge is EVERWYHERE!


I still catch myself once and while comparing my life to others, but I quickly ask myself, why?
Why are you comparing? What does that person have that you don’t have? And if they have that, is it really something you need at this time in your life? The answer is always HECK NO!!
I will then remind myself of the amazing life I have. I don’t have a car, nor do I have my driver’s license, and you know what? that is AWESOME!!!
because I can walk, or ride my bike everywhere I need to go, and we also have the bus system!!! I even have such loving and amazing friends and family who will often give me drives to the places I need to go that can be quite out of the way, and how awesome is that?!! That’s community working at its best right there. Thank you all who have helped me out in more ways than one, you know who you are. THANK YOU!!  Neighbours helping neighbours, AND the best part is I don’t leave a carbon footprint on our beautiful Mother Earth. I am happy I don’t have a vehicle, and I have taught my kids the importance of this, I have taught them how they can get around without using cars. It’s way more healthier for them and for their planet and that alone makes them happy to know. As for money, well I have actually started telling myself I have all the money I need to do what is needed and you know what? Just by thinking in a positive way towards money, again shifting my perspective, I find that money will quite literally flow to me in more ways than one, and that is pretty amazing!!!


I no longer think I’m any less of a Mom, because I see my kids and I see how happy they are, and not only that but I hear from EVERYONE I meet, just how incredible my kids are, all I hear is how polite they are, how generous they are and how friendly they are, I don’t know about you, but that sure sounds like a combination of a great family team. A mother’s bond to her children, is an amazing gift.  I love my boys so much!!! This makes my heart smile as I write this, because I am an AMAZING Mom!! And so is every other Mom I see, each learning their own lessons and facing their own personal challenges, keep up the great work Mommas everywhere!


 As for everything else, as for taking vacations, I have vacations every day!!! I go on adventures with friends, I sometimes get the rare trip pop up. I even take a vacation in my sanctuary, where I go into the land of creativity, and just immerse myself into creating, whether it be drawing, painting or sculpting, I’m gone to a whole new world. Sometimes I get out in Nature with my camera and take pictures of beautiful pieces that catch my eye, because Nature IS Art.
I take vacations with myself and with my family, whatever the opportunity brings.
Quite literally my LIFE IS AWESOME!!!! Not only that but I also have a roof over my head, clothing on my back, a comfy bed to sleep in and food on the table.


So the next time you catch yourself comparing to another’s life, take a good long look at all the AMAZINGNESS you have going on for yourself. You’d be surprised to see what comes up. No matter how small, or how large it is, give it a try, and watch your world change.
Some words of wisdom,
always do what’s right for you, and let others do the same. <3 Most important, KEEP BEING AMAZING!!!!! Because, life is just too amazing not to be.

Blessings, love and light
Thanks for reading


                          THERE IS SO MUCH WE CAN LEARN FROM EACH OTHER!

Who ever told you that the bamboo is more beautiful than the oak, or the oak more valuable than the bamboo?

Do you think the oak wishes it had a hollow trunk like this bamboo? Does the bamboo feel jealous of the oak because it is bigger and its leaves change color in the fall? -OSHO