Thursday, August 27, 2015


Well I have finally done it. I am finally starting my own blog.
I have contemplated many times about starting one and with message after message of saying it should be so, I am now doing it!

But where do I begin?
Well let's just start with anything. I can only learn as I go. ha ha ha

I am Octavia and I come from the East Coast of Canada in the beautiful Maritime province of New Brunswick, where everyone is a friend. Honestly people get excited when I tell them I am from New Brunswick. Why do they get excited? Well its easy, because we are so damned NICE and FRIENDLY!! Everywhere I go I always hear just how friendly East Coasters are. I just smile.

But all in all people are friendly everywhere you go, it doesn't matter where you are from. We are all created equally. Some of us just become a little lost along the road in life. But for those that become lost are the ones who need the most love. I know I have seen it and have been the one to sacrifice it all to make sure they are happy. Bringing happiness to others is something I find the greatest joy in. When I know I have made someone smile, laugh or have a deep down gut chuckle, it fills me with immense joy. There is NOTHING better than bringing joy into someone's life.

Do you know of someone who could use a good laugh today? Be crazy, be spontaneous, go out of your way to bring anyone a smile today, and watch and see just how good it makes you feel. Even if you are having an off day, DO IT ANYWAY!! You will feel amazing. At the end of the day before you go to bed, try to think of about 5 great things you have done for someone else today, you will be amazed to see just how much amazingness you have done today, and do you feel good about it? GOOD!!!! You darn well should. You want to know why? Well I'm sure you would know, its because you are AMAZING and you showed that when you let go of your ego and made someone else smile for a change, sometimes we get a little too caught up thinking about ourselves, which by all means is super important to do, it gives us the time to recharge and reset, so that we can continue to be amazing!!!! Even if you aren't a people person, that's okay too, because you have talents and ways that bring joy to others lives. It could be in a written e-mail to an old friend or it could be something you created for someone else. The possibilities are endless in ways to bring spread joy.

Made ya laugh!

My life wasn't always filled with laughter and smiles (but who's life ever is?). It's the challenges in life that make us or break us, they can either help us grow and learn for the better or choose to bring us down. What are you gonna choose? TO GROW!!! Who doesn't want to grow?
I have discovered that sometimes my laughter is also a defense. When I feel nervous I often giggle; to many its very cute and everyone thinks I am just always happy. But if you look beneath the surface you will find a frightened scared little girl. I recently discovered this about myself. Don't get me wrong I like that I am that way. There is nothing wrong with being giggly when you're nervous, its just what I do, I mean really it could be worse, I could be a grumpy person  who never smiles when they are nervous. I have seen these people and they turn out to be REALLY awesome people. All it takes is getting to know them, as anyone in life. Strangers eventually become friends that's how connections are made. Take the time today to get to know someone. Humans crave connection with others, they really do. It actually breaks my heart just to see how disconnected people are in this day and age. Connecting with someone is also another way to bring IMMENSE joy into another's life (like I mentioned before about bringing a smile to someone's face.

I am actually learning at this point in my life to not be afraid. Because there is nothing to fear AT ALL! Sure the world could blow up tomorrow, but are you going to be scared of that? Are you going to waste every single day of your life wondering? Worrying? NO!! of course you're not. you're going to LIVE and LOVE!!! Most important HAVE FUN!! You only get this life NOW. So what are you going to do? Something AMAZING!

I have travelled many times down roads filled with fear. But once you recognize that fear you bring it into perspective and you learn amazing things about yourself, and again from there you make more choices. Life is FILLED with choices, opportunities and EXPERIENCES!!!

"The flower shows us the way, as its passion for life leads it out of the darkness and into the light.Be courageous enough to grow into the flower you are meant to be. "

When I lived on the East Coast during my teenage lifetime I was involved with someone who didn't love me. Now I know this is only because I did not love myself enough to move on. I had (and still have to this day) AMAZING friends that were there to tell me that you are worth it, you are better than this, you need to move on and get away from this person, and of course I did not believe them at the time, because at that time I did not believe in myself. I chose to fall down and down and down until my heart could not take anymore. Even though I ended up in a very dark place, I had loving people that surrounded and supported me and loved me without condition. They were my guardian angels. 
At this point in my life my Father made the choice and he took me away to Shanghai, China when I graduated from high school. I never got to spend time with my friends and celebrate with them. But because my Father out of fear and love did not want to see his daughter waste her life with this guy, he did what I think any Dad would do and made the choice to take me away from the situation. I never really realised just how scared everyone was for me. I am grateful to his day. If it weren't for that time in my life I would never be where I am today. I sometimes catch myself wondering what would life be like had I chose to go the other way? But I am happy to let that remain a mystery, because today I have an amazing life!!

I am grateful for every experience that has come my way in life, because if it wasn't for these experiences then we would never grow. IF not for experiences we would become stagnant and stale. There would be no movement. Which is probably where I was doomed to be headed had I stayed where I was. Life is about MOVEMENT. We have to constantly move forward into the great Unkown. But do not fear it, because you just never know what is out there waiting for you. What magic lies ahead. It's exciting!!! The adventures, the possibilities!! So much LIFE to live and to have fun doing it.

Today I am a mom of two amazing boys, and a wife to one INCREDIBLE partner. Which will be another journey I will share with you another day. :) I am working from home with my own business Imagineight Designs, where I have also created another business of Tiny Totems. I am using my talent in a way that works for me, and I LOVE IT! I was born to create and so create I shall!!

This is my first ever Blog entry and I do hope that it brought a smile to your face. There will be more where this came from and be little bit more organized on topics as I go. I want to share so much with the world, as I was informed by a magical friend that I should start blogging and share my life and loves with the world, and so here I am doing it. FINALLY! I am so excited to share so much with you all.

I hope you enjoyed my blog.

Please comment below, I love to hear feedback from everyone.

May your week be filled with magic and adventures, and remember to not let the fear get the better of you. Recognize it and make a choice. You are an amazing shining light. You are a SUPERSTAR!!!

Until next time, sending love, light and laughter.